Contract design
Lyntel Electronics provides a comprehensive design service for electronic products and software across a vast range of industries. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their unique specifications are achieved and expectations exceeded. Our clientele ranges from large corporate bodies to small scale entrepreneurs. Come and see us today to turn your product ideas into a reality.    
Contract assembly
We understand that every job is different and we provide a full range of electronic contract assembly services to suit every need. We offer full turnkey assembly or can assemble products from your kit of parts.
Lyntel Electronics offers a range of in-house products that are recognised in the industry as reliable, go-to technology. When we add a product to our range it is because that product excels in its field. They must also be robust and built to last. Our products also enjoy long life cycles, usually 10 years or greater. We do not subscribe to today’s mainstream “throw it out after 12 months” consumption policies.