One Voice

OneVoice Nov 2020

STOP using administrative controls for radio operations! CALL US NOW

Calls on any connected 2-way radio automatically mute the vehicles other audio systems.

This simple override capability gives occupants immediate priority attention to important communications.

  • 12- and 24-volt versions
  • Decongests airways
  • Prioritises audio input sources
  • Superior audio experience
  • Reduces number of external speakers required
  • Four audio inputs.
  • Mutes front and rear music system speakers
  • Route two-way audio through right only, or left and right speakers
  • Assign two-way radios to priority 1, priority 2 or priority 3
  • Works on all factory fitted ir after market two-way radios and music systems
  • VOX (voice operated switch) option on some or all inputs
  • Designed and made in Australia