Magic microphones

Spot adverts and promos can be recorded quickly and easily in-store by staff members. Simply pickup one of the “Magic Mics” and record your message. The message will be replayed throughout the day at pre-selected intervals, it’s that simple. 

wedsite grid picture- mic2          magic mic gooseneck       magic mic face2

You are probably familiar with conventional microphones that have just one button. The biggest drawback of conventional microphones is that they can indiscriminately chop off other users of the P.A system. Magic Microphones overcome this problem by storing the users announcement until it can play without interruption.

Staff can also use Magic Microphones to record and playback “Spot Promotions” throughout the day at a repetition rate set at the time of recording. For example, a promotion could be recorded that will play every 30 minutes until the end of the day, or every 10 minutes for the next hour. Promotions automatically expire when the repetition has completed. 

If a deeper level of control is required, ProminenceTM is a simple to use web based software that allows the user to delete unwanted promotions, set messages to play at a specific time of the day, pause promotions for later use etc.

Magic Microphones are always used in conjunction with Admaster TM6000e advertisement machines.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Magic Microphones are built to withstand the rigorous of daily life in retail stores and give your staff the flexibility to create their own promotions.



voice levelling microphonesAutomatic Volume leveling adjusts the volume automatically to prevent startling customers. This technology evens out the voices of staff who shout or whisper to come out at an even volume.




store announcements The green button  momentarily records your message then defers playback so that vendor adverts, spot promotions and general announcements can co-exist without interruptions. Shopper experience is enhanced and in-store promotional advertising is more effective.




spot announcementsThe white button is used to record promotional spot advertisements when repetitive playback is desired. The repetition function provides department managers the ability to spontaneously record point of sale promotions and replay these automatically as many times as required.




repeat announcementsThe yellow button allows the user to select the repetition rate and expiry of their message. Messages can also be set to air at a specific time of the day. The repetition rates or times to play are limitless and can be made online or by using pre-sets via the magic microphone.




direct to air announcementsThe RED button plays “Direct to Air” and just like the single button on conventional microphones will interrupt advertisements and other in-store announcements. On the Magic microphone system, this button is reserved for emergencies only!Magic microphone- for in-store promotionsGREAT FOR USE IN:

Retail stores, supermarkets, liquor stores, hardware stores, chemists, furniture stores, shopping centers and more.