Electronic Assembly Services

From simple cable assemblies to complex fine pitch SMD we have the equipment and the expertise to assemble your electronic product.

We boast over 900sq metres of floor space in our manufacturing warehouse in Perth, Western Australia and our equipment range includes two automated pick and place machines, two convection reflow ovens, one vapour phase reflow oven, three wave soldering machines, multiple digital and optical board inspection stations, automated test equipment and much more. With twenty one years industry experience, the right equipment, and skilled staff we can competently manufacture almost any electronic product right here in Australia.

Services we provide include: 

  • Component Sourcing for all or some parts
  • Circuit Board Design
  • Screen Printing Circuit Boards
  • Equipment Assembly
  • Rack Assembly
  • Cabinet Wiring and Cabinet Manufacturing
  • Wave, Reflow and Hand soldering
  • Wire and Terminal Crimping
  • Wire Harness manufacturing
  • Through Hole Assembly
  • Surface Mount Assembly
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Firmware Programming
  • Circuit Board Conformal Coating
  • Potting and Encapsulation Resins
  • Test and Repair

Products we manufacture can be found in almost all industry sectors, from mining applications deep underground, to hospitals, high rise buildings, shopping centers, transportation, retail, scientific, military and agriculture.

Supply your own components or take advantage of our component procurement services. This service is very cost effective and can save you time and effort.

Call us today, we may be able to assist with your current project.

pick and place x 2 grid imageworkshop webPICK AND PLACE MACHINE GRID IMAGE

through hole grid image

Surface Mount Assembly

One of two, automatic Pick and Place machines. Made in the USA and capable of mounting fine pitch components, 0402 etc. SMT and SMD assembly.


Wave Soldering

One of 3 wave soldering machines. Used for soldering through hole components.

through hole web

Through Hole Assembly

Nearly all designs still have some through hole components. As with all of our manufacturing our through hole assembly is done right here in Perth, WA.

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