Desk Paging Microphone 32 Zone

mic 32

The ZL-0032 is a 32 Zone Paging Microphone Console that utilises advanced microprocessor technology to provide features not found on other paging microphones. The ZL-0032 uses momentary activation tactile switches and lights to indicate selected zones.  Zones can be left selected indefinitely, thereby making repetitive pages to commonly selected groups easy. Incorporated into the fascia panel are slide windows, allowing for easy on site labeling that can be changed later if required. The console also has a “BUSY” light to indicate if other microphones or system resources are in use. The user can store up to 6 specific zone groupings in the “GROUP” hot keys provided, making the task of selecting commonly called groups of zones much easier. The user can also select the music/program source for each of the 32 zones. The ZL-0032 requires less cabling than conventional zone paging consoles. Up to 4 microphones to share the same cable and decoder.


Soft touch switches select the paging zone required.

An adjacent LED indicates zone is selected. Zones can be toggled on and off as required and will

remain selected until altered.

‘ALL CALL’: Selects all zones, or cancels selection of all zones.

‘TALK’: Single press activation initiates page to selected zones.

‘BUSY’: Light Indicates other microphones on the system may be in use.

‘GROUP PAGE’: Hot keys select up to 6 pre-set groups of zones.

‘MUSIC SELECT’: Select up to 3 different music sources per zone. (requires additional decoders) 

Conector: XLR Type, Male 5 Pin

Size:    270mm x 185mm x 365mm

Paging Microphone Decoder, 32 Zone


ZR-16-S + ZR-32-S Decoder Board (Relay Output)







ZR-16-S + ZR-32-S Decoder Board, 32 Zone, Relay Output

Outputs: 32 relay contacts, represent the selected zones on the microphone for the duration the “talk” button is pressed.

“BUSY” Input: Placing a GND on this terminal will illuminate the “BUSY” light on microphone.

“PTT” Output: Open collector transistor output, pulls to GND, if microphone is in use.

Power: 24VDC, 500mA.

Output: Balanced, 0dBm (775mV into 600R)

Size: 422mm x 87mm, (422mm x 102mm including terminals).