Audio Matrix


Easily control music, PA announcements and other audio sources in venues that have differing needs in each area.

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  • Flexible control of paging, music and other sources in multi-zone applications
  • Route any source to any area
  • Up to 8 sources
  • Up to 8 areas
  • Individual control of volume, bass, treble and priority for each source
  • Individual control of volume, bass, treble and priority for each area
  • Compatible with Lyntel ZL0008 Zone paging mics
  • Three pre-set memories. Save and recall favorite configurations

The ToPAS audio matrix provides ultimate control of a multi zone public address system. Route any source to any area, set different volume and tone levels for the same source in different areas, set different priorities for sources in different areas etc.

For even greater flexibility, three separate system configurations can be stored and recalled as required. This feature is ideal for re configuring the PA system for infrequent special events.

Control Volume, Bass and Treble of every Source in every Area

Every Area has separate settings for Volume, Bass and Treble for each of the Source Programs in that Area. This means you can tailor every Source program to sound just right in each Area without having to compromise in other areas.

Minimum permissible and maximum permissible volume for every Source in every Area

If you don’t want a particular Source volume in some Areas to be turned down too low or turned up too high, you can set the “Minvol” and “Maxvol” for Source in that Area, limiting volume adjustments to within this range.

Eight levels of priority

Each Area has its own Priority level setting for all Source programs in that Area. This means a Microphone that is set to a high Priority in one Area, need not be of the same Priority in another Area.

Up to 8 Source inputs

Each Source has its own plug-in input card. Cards are available to suit almost all Source types. Some examples of available Source cards are microphone, microphone with audio compression, microphone with VOX (voice operated switch), zone paging microphone consoles, auxillary, auxillary with audio compression, auxillary with VOX and more.

Up to 8 Area outputs

Each Area required has its own plug-in output card. All cards are equipped with a control output to facilitate overriding relays at local volume controllers.

Save different system configurations Three different system configurations can be programmed and saved, allowing special event configurations to be recalled at the press of a button.

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